What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 28

System Requirements

  • Java 11: OpenNMS Horizon 28 runs on JDK 11.

  • PostgreSQL 10 or higher: Horizon 28 requires any supported version of PostgreSQL from 10 up to (and including) 13.

Breaking Changes

Kafka RPC Single Topic

This release changes the Kafka RPC default configuration to publish on a single target. If you are using Minions, both the Minion and OpenNMS need to be updated to OpenNMS Horizon 28.

Make sure that Kafka lag on Sink topics is minimal before upgrading, or there may be loss of those sink messages.

Situation Feedback Persistence Configuration

The configuration file etc/org.opennms.features.situation-feedback.persistence.elastic.cfg has been renamed to etc/org.opennms.features.situationfeedback.persistence.elastic.cfg (i.e. the minus sign is removed from the filename). This fixes a race condition on startup when using ALEC.

New Features and Improvements

New Look

Horizon 28 has been updated to use the new OpenNMS branding, with a refreshed logo and fonts.

Nephron Improvements

If you are using Nephron for flow processing, a huge number of performance improvements have been made. Additionally, flow aggregation now supports DSCP ToS/QoS fields.

New Documentation

The documentation has been completely revamped and contains numerous cleanups, and improvements, in addition to the new layout and integration at docs.opennms.com.

ReST API Improvements

  • Initial support for enumerating ReST API endpoints has been added, using Swagger. A link is available in the "help" section of the web UI.

  • Elastic flow queries return additional data for DSCP QoS/ToS data.

The Minion

  • The Minion confd file has been updated with a bunch of documentation describing various options.

  • Support has been added for exporting a number of JMX metrics through Prometheus for out-of-band monitoring of the Minion.

  • The Minion now has support for querying its health through ReST.

Important Internal Changes

  • Our embedded Karaf has been updated to version 4.2.11