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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Release 1.10.14
Release 1.10.13
Release 1.10.12
Release 1.10.11
Release 1.10.10
Release 1.10.9
Release 1.10.8
Release 1.10.7
Release 1.10.6
Release 1.10.5
Release 1.10.4
Release 1.10.3
Release 1.10.2
Release 1.10.1
Release 1.10.0
Release 1.9.93
Release 1.9.92
Release 1.9.91
Release 1.9.90
Release 1.9.8
Release 1.9.7
Release 1.9.6
Release 1.9.5
Release 1.9.4
Release 1.9.3
Release 1.9.2
Release 1.9.1
Release 1.9.0
2. What's New?
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.14
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.13
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.12
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.11
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.10
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.9
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.8
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.7
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.6
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.5
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.4
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.3
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.2
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.1
Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.0
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.93
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.92
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.91
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.90
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.8
New Feature
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.7
New Feature
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.6
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.5
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.4
New Feature
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.3
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.2
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.1
New Features and Enhancements
Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.0
New Features and Enhancements
3. Supported Systems
Fully Supported


OpenNMS is the creation of numerous people and organizations, operating under the umbrella of the OpenNMS project. The original code base was developed and published under the GPL by the Oculan Corporation until 2002, when the project administration was passed on to Tarus Balog.

The current corporate sponsor of OpenNMS is The OpenNMS Group, which also owns the OpenNMS trademark.

OpenNMS is a derivative work, containing both original code, included code and modified code that was published under the GNU General Public License. Please see the source for detailed copyright notices, but some notable copyright owners are listed below:

Please send any omissions or corrections to this document to Tarus Balog.

Chapter 1. Introduction

About This Release

Release 1.10.14

Release 1.10.14 is the latest in the stable 1.10 series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a few small bugfixes including an important security fix.

The codename for 1.10.14 is Chalumeau.

Release 1.10.13

Release 1.10.13 is the latest in the stable 1.10 series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a few small bugfixes.

The codename for 1.10.13 is Sopila.

Release 1.10.12

Release 1.10.12 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a few bugfixes and enhancements, including a fix for the alarm detail page.

The codename for 1.10.12 is Arghul.

Release 1.10.11

Release 1.10.11 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a few bugfixes and enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.11 is Nadaswaram.

Release 1.10.10

Release 1.10.10 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a number of bugfixes and enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.10 is Tumpong.

Release 1.10.9

Release 1.10.9 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a number of bugfixes and enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.9 is Nose Flute.

Release 1.10.8

Release 1.10.8 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a number of bugfixes and enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.8 is Trikiti.

Release 1.10.7

Release 1.10.7 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a number of bugfixes and enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.7 is Buccina

Release 1.10.6

Release 1.10.6 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a number of bugfixes and enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.6 is Cornamuse.

Release 1.10.5

Release 1.10.5 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a few minor bugfixes and enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.5 is Tromboon.

Release 1.10.4

Release 1.10.4 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a few minor bugfixes and enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.4 is Archlute.

Release 1.10.3

Release 1.10.3 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains a few bugfixes, most notably an important deadlock fix when using provisiond.

The codename for 1.10.3 is Fiscorn.

Release 1.10.2

Release 1.10.2 is the latest in the stable series of OpenNMS releases. It contains bugfixes, including a fix for a filehandle leak regression, Windows installer fixes, and some minor enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.2 is Charango.

Release 1.10.1

Release 1.10.1 is the second in the latest series of stable releases. It contains plenty of bugfixes, as well as a few minor enhancements.

The codename for 1.10.1 is Hurdy Gurdy.

Release 1.10.0

Release 1.10.0 is the first in the latest series of stable releases.

The codename for 1.10.0 is Alboka.

Release 1.9.93

Release 1.9.93 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is blessed as the next stable release.

The codename for 1.9.93 is Kora.

Release 1.9.92

Release 1.9.92 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is blessed as the next stable release.

The codename for 1.9.92 is Superbone.

Release 1.9.91

Release 1.9.91 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is blessed as the next stable release.

The codename for 1.9.91 is Crumhorn.

Release 1.9.90

Release 1.9.90 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is blessed as the next stable release.

The codename for 1.9.90 is Balafon.

Release 1.9.8

Release 1.9.8 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

The codename for 1.9.8 is Pulalu.

Release 1.9.7

Release 1.9.7 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

The codename for 1.9.7 is Naqara.

Release 1.9.6

Release 1.9.6 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

The codename for 1.9.6 is Barbat.

Release 1.9.5

Release 1.9.5 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

The codename for 1.9.5 is Canjo.

Release 1.9.4

Release 1.9.4 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

The codename for 1.9.4 is Guzheng.

Release 1.9.3

Release 1.9.3 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

The codename for 1.9.3 is Recorder.

Release 1.9.2

Release 1.9.2 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

The codename for 1.9.2 is Psaltery.

Release 1.9.1

Release 1.9.1 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

Since 1.9.0, a few new features were added.

The codename for 1.9.1 is Oboe.

Release 1.9.0

Release 1.9.0 is the latest in a series of development releases of OpenNMS. This represents what will eventually become OpenNMS 1.10.0 when it is declared feature-complete and stable.

Since 1.8, a few new features were added.

The codename for 1.9.0 is Timple.

Chapter 2. What's New?

Changes in This OpenNMS

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.14


  • XSS vector in admin/error.jsp (Issue NMS-6147)

  • is not working (Issue NMS-6168)

  • NPE on output.log due to null ifSpeed when calling PhysicalInterfaceRow.getSpeed (Issue NMS-6169)

  • Date issues in "Response time by node" JR report (Issue NMS-6182)

  • The SnmpMonitor is not returning the status with the responseTime value (Issue NMS-6192)

  • Collectd throws ConcurrentModificationException when accessing PollOutagesConfigManager (Issue NMS-6277)

  • ConcurrentModificationException inside ThresholdingSet (Issue NMS-6279)

  • IfInfo can throw NullPointerException (Issue NMS-6280)

  • Provisiond detectors sometimes fail to detect (Issue NMS-6412)

  • The Valere devices with broken SNMP agents are hanging Provisiond. (Issue NMS-6484)

  • Security: downloadReport allow download and view any file in filesystem (Issue NMS-6580)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.13


  • ERROR: insert or update on table "notifications" violates foreign key constraint "fk_eventid3" (Issue NMS-1668)

  • Provisiond Error : org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not execute query (Issue NMS-5348)

  • "No Data for this Entry" in Serial Interface Utilization Summary report (Issue NMS-5617)

  • Debian init.d script wrong postgres dependency (Issue NMS-5879)

  • threshold filters not processed properly (Issue NMS-5880)

  • It is possible to define an OnmsServiceType twice and that can hurt some features. (Issue NMS-5914)

  • Duplicated parameter in notification.xml (Issue NMS-5948)

  • Node availability report wrong calculation of percentage (Issue NMS-5990)

  • Database connections leak until the system cannot obtain any more connections (Issue NMS-6051)

  • `opennms status` should return 3 when unconfigured, not 6 (Issue NMS-6068)

  • The JAR where the GpDetector is defined doesn't appear on the RPM or DEB files (Issue NMS-6074)

  • parent-foreign-source is not working anymore (Issue NMS-6083)


  • Add new sysOID to linkd (Issue NMS-6034)

  • SNMP support for Clavister security devices (Issue NMS-6107)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.12


  • Alarm list and alarm details is not showing in the WebUI (Issue NMS-5947)

  • The report SerialInterfaceUtilizationSummary is showing duplicated data. (Issue NMS-5978)

  • Serial Interface Utilization Report is displaying the wrong start date on the report. (Issue NMS-5985)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.11


  • Release notes says Gentoo is not maintained (Issue NMS-4338)

  • Javamail file type overrides Database Report file type for CSV files (Issue NMS-5020)

  • Events shows interface (Issue NMS-5232)

  • Serial Interface Report has Incorrect Title (Issue NMS-5616)

  • Duty schedule editor defaults to identical start and end time (Issue NMS-5741)

  • The SnmpPoller is sending the interfaceOperDown events every time a requisition is synched or a single node is rescanned. (Issue NMS-5841)

  • Provisiond fails with java.lang.NullPointerException (Issue NMS-5922)

  • Uncaught exception in webapp when viewing non-existent alarm: "Missing alarm request attribute" (Issue NMS-5930)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.10


  • Bits of event-acknowledgement UI still showing (Issue NMS-5733)

  • Updates on are not propagated when using the WebUI on a different server (Issue NMS-5806)

  • Current event definitions for Aruba Controllers are wrong (Issue NMS-5830)

  • Get details from a specific alarmId is redirecting to the wrong page. (Issue NMS-5838)

  • Uncaught exception in HostResourceSwRunMonitor when handling empty strings (Issue NMS-5852)

  • Outages appears to be not sorted on service.jsp (and probably interface.jsp) (Issue NMS-5892)

  • SmbMonitor no longer effective, needs fixing (Issue NMS-5894)


  • SSH button on node information screen (Issue NMS-699)

  • favicon in webui? (Issue NMS-3369)

  • Add nodeID to title field on element/node.jsp (Issue NMS-3398)

  • Display the Package Name and Service Parameters on the Service Page (Issue NMS-5876)

  • Make optional the addition of default ports to HTTP Host Header on the PSM. (Issue NMS-5884)

  • How can I know which poller packages are actively being used for the services on a given interface? (Issue NMS-5893)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.9


  • Add the ack user in alarm list (Issue NMS-5546)

  • Enabler Filter for LDAP (Issue NMS-5547)


  • HRULE not working in JRobin graphs (Issue NMS-2793)

  • Event acknowledgement button, checkboxes, description should be hidden (Issue NMS-3923)

  • XmlCollector data collection failures (Issue NMS-5464)

  • OpenNMS start-up error - javax.jmdns.impl.tasks.state.DNSStateTask (Issue NMS-5535)

  • Ifspeed displayed is not right (Issue NMS-5536)

  • No decode for nodelabel in nodeUp/nodeDown event (Issue NMS-5548)

  • Error save and restart Discovery (Issue NMS-5606)

  • XmlCollector & thresholding exception (Issue NMS-5642)

  • NullPointerException in auto-action code path (Issue NMS-5708)

  • HostResourceSwRunMonitor doesn't work well with processes like cron (with many forks) (Issue NMS-5710)

  • Missing isSnmpPrimary in NetworkElementFactory for Interface objects. (Issue NMS-5720)

  • Service Registration Strategy Runs up CPU on Mac OS 10.8 (Issue NMS-5730)

  • Bits of event-acknowledgement UI still showing (Issue NMS-5733)

  • Monitoring big file system using hrStorageTable with Net-SNMP breaks Collectd (Issue NMS-5747)

  • promoteQueueData should not be stored on the events table. (Issue NMS-5752)

  • Allow ILR to output durations in milliseconds (Issue NMS-5755)

  • Live threshold merging fails if threshold with new ds-type added to existing group (Issue NMS-5764)

  • Remote poller dies on startup if LDAP, RADIUS, NSClient present in poller configuration (Issue NMS-5777)


  • reportd persistant-reports aren't listed. (Issue NMS-4056)

  • Need ability to hand-edit service and category names in requisition web editor (Issue NMS-4858)

  • varbind based notification filtering doesn't support regular expression (Issue NMS-5399)

  • Enhance poller with CIFS file and folder monitor (Issue NMS-5725)

  • Nodes with "Most Recent Outages" list (Issue NMS-5754)

  • Add a shell wrapper for the ILR (Issue NMS-5766)

  • "Nodes w/Active Problems" : A new box for the home page based on alarms similar to the Outages Box (Issue NMS-5807)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.8


  • NodeAvailabilityReport.jrxml doesn't work: PSQLException caused by date string in french locale (Issue NMS-5379)

  • subreports/InterfaceAvailabilityReport_subreport1.jrxml doesn't work on my locale (Issue NMS-5457)

  • SnmpMonitor is not able to manage "OCTET STRING" (Issue NMS-5563)

  • Selecting Surveillance Categories Per Node Broken (Issue NMS-5609)

  • Nodes with the same IP show up in the wrong categories (availability table on the index page) (Issue NMS-5611)

  • JavaSendMailer throws NPE when no e-mail address configured for report (Issue NMS-5665)

  • The search page is not displaying the services correctly if Capsd is disabled (Issue NMS-5669)

  • The NTP Detector is broken (Issue NMS-5677)

  • Add a way to use the IP address when building criteria selections for the SNMP interfaces on the SNMP Poller's configuration file. (Issue NMS-5683)

  • The JRobin Converter doesn't work when the RRD Step is different than 5 minutes (Issue NMS-5685)

  • The hover icon of the delete button from the Surveillance Categories Page is wrong. (Issue NMS-5693)

  • Categories with spaces or non alphanumeric characters breaks the delete operation on the WebUI. (Issue NMS-5694)

  • google-collections has been replaced with guava (Issue NMS-5695)

  • HttpCollector doesn't detect response locale (PATCH INCLUDED) (Issue NMS-5701)

  • Default poller-configuration.xml specifies timeout, retry, port for SNMP-based services (Issue NMS-5703)

  • WMI Capsd plugin mixes up username, domain, and password (Issue NMS-5707)

  • Wrong redirect after clicking on any ticket related button from the alarm details page (Issue NMS-5713)

  • AssetRecordDao.findByNodeId is not working (Issue NMS-5714)


  • Improve the ticketer API in order to access more information about the ticket's originator. (Issue NMS-5705)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.7


  • Missing IP interfaces in node.jsp list (Issue NMS-5261)

  • datacollection stops after making changes in "Schedules Outages" (Issue NMS-5491)

  • vague provisiond.log DEBUG verbage (and misspelling) (Issue NMS-5518)

  • DnsDetector logs an error message when attempting to detect the DNS service (Issue NMS-5565)

  • verbose messages about old import formats should be removed (Issue NMS-5571)

  • Latency thresholding fails for StrafePing, perhaps others when nulls exist in PollStatus properties (Issue NMS-5600)

  • Ability to disable the scheduling for rescan existing nodes when Provisiond starts (Issue NMS-5622)

  • Can't hide a single widget from dashboard.jsp (Issue NMS-5638)

  • missing \ in report.mikrotik.temp.command in (Issue NMS-5648)

  • nortel.kerneltasks report uses incorrect column name (Issue NMS-5649)

  • typo in property name for novell report (Issue NMS-5650)


  • Allow user documentation on alarms and a class of alarms (Issue NMS-5632)

  • Order of threshold groups (Issue NMS-5647)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.6


  • 1.10 Removed IP Hostname Field During Provisioning Scans (Issue NMS-5233)

  • changes system hostname on Solaris systems (Issue NMS-5351)

  • The "finished" logging statement is never called for CollectableService:doCollection() (Issue NMS-5441)

  • provisioning problem for simple services (Issue NMS-5469)

  • Thresholding on HTTP collections is broken (Issue NMS-5504)

  • Fedora 17 Packages (Issue NMS-5538)

  • CollectionResourceWrapper cache takes up large amounts of RAM (Issue NMS-5557)

  • Update RRD datasources to have a step field (Issue NMS-5570)


  • Add UEI to the notification configuration UI (Issue NMS-5559)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.5


  • Arithmetic Exception in QueuedStrategy (Issue NMS-4437)

  • Installer fails when using the "EnterpriseDB" PostgreSQL database. (Issue NMS-5431)

  • WebStart (JNLP) remote poller is missing ConfigurationGui and other Groovy bits (Issue NMS-5447)

  • Include/Exclude range (Issue NMS-5465)

  • Fix ReST "count" requests, refactor PUT/POST to use Post/Redirect/Get pattern (Issue NMS-5489)

  • Debian package misses postgresql requirement for dependency-based booting (Issue NMS-5490)


  • No packaging for mib2events, mibparser, and Provisioning Adapters (Issue NMS-3183)

  • Greater flexibility in RelativeTime for Statistics Reports (Issue NMS-5422)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.4


  • Collectd collects for deleted node (Issue NMS-1996)

  • No working breadcrumb on System Report List Page (Issue NMS-4943)

  • Services not deleted when removed from provisioning requisition (Issue NMS-5198)

  • An exception is thrown if a notification is configured to have a subject with more than 256 characters (Issue NMS-5375)

  • There are some NPE when trying to collect data from nodes managed by Capsd (Issue NMS-5400)

  • IpAddressTableEntry: Unable to determine IP address type (4) (Issue NMS-5414)

  • MockSnmpAgent does not parse properly STRING with quotes "" (Issue NMS-5415)

  • HttpCollector fails to parse numeric values in locales that use different decimal notation (Issue NMS-5426)

  • NullPointerException when printing errors in the JNI6 code (Issue NMS-5428)


  • Add logmsg support to (Issue NMS-5373)

  • Add notification ID to NotificationTask.toString() (Issue NMS-5377)

  • Add SNMP data collection and resource graph definitions for pfSense firewall / router (Issue NMS-5378)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.3


  • Path-Outage: parent-foreign-id is not recognized when defined in another requisition (Issue NMS-4109)

  • JRobinRrdStrategy: JRobin: Unrecognized graph argument: (Issue NMS-4757)

  • Provisiond leaks file handles, eventually causing "Too many open files" crashes (Issue NMS-4846)

  • Scheduled outages applied on latency thresholds are ignored by Pollerd. (Issue NMS-5357)

  • Unable to create reports after upgrade from 1.10.1 to 1.10.2 (Issue NMS-5359)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.2


  • Path-Outage: parent-foreign-id is not recognized when defined in another requisition (Issue NMS-4109)

  • nodeAdded event create when POSTing to REST api does not include nodeLabel (Issue NMS-4891)

  • POST for node/<nodeId>/ipinterface creates interface does not returns its data (Issue NMS-4892)

  • Unable to add custom poller with capsd disabled. (Issue NMS-4924)

  • Deletion of surveillance categories via WebUI is broken (Issue NMS-4927)

  • handle bad SNMP ranges gracefully (Issue NMS-4947)

  • collectd does not unschedule deleted nodes (Issue NMS-5105)

  • Graphing Fails on Windows (Issue NMS-5139)

  • DO_NOT_PERSIST fails on explicitly defined interface when matching any IP address (Issue NMS-5154)

  • Some XSDs are missing after installing opennms-core (Issue NMS-5220)

  • Show interfaces at search for nodes causes crash (Issue NMS-5230)

  • Correlator lacks its own log appender (Issue NMS-5250)

  • OpenNMS can't load JICMP and/or JICMP6 (Issue NMS-5253)

  • OpenNMS-remote-poller debian package requires sun-java6-jre (Issue NMS-5295)

  • You cannot start OpenNMS with a configured Selenium-Monitor (Issue NMS-5299)

  • [Main] C3P0ConnectionFactory: C3P0 has no equivalent to setMaxSize. Ignoring. (Issue NMS-5300)

  • Copy of jdhcp-1.1.1.jar Not Included in the opennms-plugin-protocol-dhcp Debian Package (Issue NMS-5305)

  • Exception when installing OpenNMS 1.10.1 on Windows 2008 Server (Issue NMS-5306)

  • Debian package libopennms-java does not depend on libpostgresql-jdbc-java (Issue NMS-5308)

  • clicking on Nodelist throws an error (Issue NMS-5316)

  • Threshold Groups page "Request a reload threshold packages configuration" button produces 404 error on IE9 (Issue NMS-5323)

  • log messages show up in wrong log file (Issue NMS-5331)

  • Automatically created threshold event description missing % at %parm[all]% (Issue NMS-5336)


  • Default netsnmp group memAvailSwap / memTotalSwap threshold raises alerts for devices that have no swap space allocated (Issue NMS-5115)

  • Events file for websense appliance (Issue NMS-5314)

  • Add the ability to apply the SiblingColumnStorageStrategy to resource's instance (Issue NMS-5339)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.1


  • ONMS in "fr" and "de" locales: all event times end in hh:mm:00 (no seconds) (Issue NMS-3111)

  • Model importer can silently fail and report importSuccessful when given badly formed XML (Issue NMS-4205)

  • Errors in master pom.xml (Issue NMS-4950)

  • KSC Child Resource List is not in alphabetical order (Issue NMS-4957)

  • Excluded IP ranges are ignored in discovery (Issue NMS-5045)

  • Clicking the search button on the Node Interfaces Gizmo causes strange 128 Interface to appear (Issue NMS-5054)

  • missing interfaces on node page -> physical interface list (Issue NMS-5127)

  • Asset CSV import will not import new asset fields. (Issue NMS-5146)

  • Reload KSC Report Configuration - Button fails (Issue NMS-5148)

  • Linkd generates undefined event (Issue NMS-5149)

  • Errors inside the Event Analysis Report related with "Top 25 events by node" (Issue NMS-5161)

  • opennms-core RPM is huge - war files packaged in /opt/opennms/lib (Issue NMS-5166)

  • Exceptions thrown by one provisioning adapter block further adapters from invocation (Issue NMS-5167)

  • etc-pristine in opennms-core contains configuration files from optional packages like the XML Collector (Issue NMS-5168)

  • malformed snmp-config.xml entry could cause config to not be read (Issue NMS-5172)

  • Only 20 interfaces shown (Issue NMS-5176)

  • database report input date wrong (Issue NMS-5177)

  • Unable to manually provision service via GUI without first defining detector (Issue NMS-5178)

  • Any authenticated user can use the snmpConfig ReST service (Issue NMS-5184)

  • Default Provisiond config contains a dns://localhost/localhost URL requisition-def (Issue NMS-5188)

  • Old asset field "maintContractNumber" in legacy requisitions breaks provisioning after uprading to 1.10 (Issue NMS-5191)

  • reparenting of snmp interfaces fails (Issue NMS-5195)

  • Custom initial-delay not preserved in destination path web editor (Issue NMS-5197)

  • Delete an outage through the REST API is not working (Issue NMS-5200)

  • The provisioning GUI in the webapp presents the wrong services to add to an interface when creating requisitions (Issue NMS-5211)

  • Notifications cannot contain non-ASCII characters and will cause NPEs (Issue NMS-5216)

  • TcpHandler in eventd times out too soon (Issue NMS-5224)

  • upgrade from 1.8.11 to 1.10.0 breaks provisioning groups and discovery (Issue NMS-5229)

  • Nodes marked as deleted in the database still appear in the output of REST calls. (Issue NMS-5231)

  • output.log reports error while starting (Issue NMS-5238)

  • syslog date parsing fails in non-English locales (Issue NMS-5242)

  • The Tcp Exporter cannot process a null Rrd value (Issue NMS-5248)

  • A restart is required after changing the resource filter of a threshold (Issue NMS-5258)

  • A restart is required after adding a new threshold package. (Issue NMS-5259)

  • Resource Types are not ordered on Choose Resources Page (Issue NMS-5265)

  • HostResourceSwRunPlugin is not working (Issue NMS-5274)

  • Data Export throws an exception when trying to process a '-nan' value. (Issue NMS-5275)

  • Small cosmetic problem with the feature "Add to KSC Report" (Issue NMS-5287)

  • Provisioning Groups WebUI error (Issue NMS-5290)


  • Mib2opennms : replace the unreadable html entities by CDATA sections (Issue NMS-5142)

  • import update ArsDigita eclipse code formatter xml (Issue NMS-5156)

  • Increase Group Name Size (Issue NMS-5181)

  • Handle numbers with units when configuring the XML Collector (Issue NMS-5185)

  • Use multiples XPath for the resource identifier (resource key). (Issue NMS-5186)

  • Enhance JMXSecureCollector with RMI protocol support (Issue NMS-5205)

  • Split jmx-datacollection-config.xml (Issue NMS-5213)

  • Be able to control the filterOperator attribute from the WebUI (Issue NMS-5239)

  • Add any resource graph to a KSC report (Issue NMS-5268)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.10.0


  • OpenNMS does not keep track of changes that effect the psk map key (Issue NMS-2384)

  • VMware traps not recognized (Issue NMS-2566)

  • Cisco temperature threshold too low (Issue NMS-3574)

  • Link discovery gets confused by Cisco HSRP Mac Addresses (Issue NMS-3626)

  • Reasons Missing From nodeLostService events (Issue NMS-3848)

  • Opennms silently fails to detect SNMP on Dlink Switches (Issue NMS-3961)

  • Standard OpenNMS Solaris SMF manifest creates an insane multi-user-server dependency (Issue NMS-4543)

  • Linkd can`t collect QBridgeDot1dTpFdbTable from D-link switches (Issue NMS-4930)

  • KSC Overall Report Menu Formatted Strangely (Issue NMS-4956)

  • The opennms startup script doesn't work in Solaris on a fresh installation (Issue NMS-4971)

  • Resource graph code is forming bad URLs (Issue NMS-4981)

  • Invalid characters on MibObj's alias prevent their usage on thresholds expressions (Issue NMS-5019)

  • No Reason Code on IPv6 HTTPS outage (Issue NMS-5028)

  • linkd needs to "upsert" entries in the ipRouteInterface, atinterface, vlan tables (Issue NMS-5029)

  • Broken support for net-snmp (Issue NMS-5036)

  • CIDR-notation IP address in linkd causes exception (Issue NMS-5050)

  • dateParser in Rfc5424SyslogParser (Issue NMS-5051)

  • Map appears to show duplicate links (Issue NMS-5052)

  • Terminology around provisioning considered confusing (Issue NMS-5056)

  • Enabling DEBUG for Collectd, breaks SiblingColumnStorageStrategy (Issue NMS-5062)

  • The placeholders added to sample configuration files are not replaced when generating RPMs (Issue NMS-5070)

  • Field reference to script engine appears to cause memory bloat (Issue NMS-5076)

  • Change in hrStorage jrb directory naming usage breaks snmp graphs (Issue NMS-5078)

  • Notification names cannot contain an apostrophe it breaks the Java script (Issue NMS-5090)

  • 1.8-compatible CustomSyslogParser is not actually 1.8-compatible ;) (Issue NMS-5091)

  • SyslogNG parser can't handle older Syslog messages (Issue NMS-5092)

  • Spike hunter throws an exception that prevents to scan all RRAs. (Issue NMS-5096)

  • If a threshold configuration contains invalid data from evaluators point of view a silent exception is thrown. (Issue NMS-5102)

  • Security Roles seem to be busted (Issue NMS-5108)

  • Batch reports under database reports GUI seems to be broken (Issue NMS-5111)

  • Radius (potentially all) Detector logging incomplete (Issue NMS-5122)

  • XSS vulnerability in OpenNMS web UI (Issue NMS-5128)

  • not working "set" (Issue NMS-5130)

  • Outage ReST Interface outputs invalid XML (multiple <ipAddress/> fields) (Issue NMS-5138)

  • Capsd should exit if org.opennms.provisiond.enableDiscovery is true (Issue NMS-5157)


  • Making logging from linkd more readable (Issue NMS-5081)

  • Change of log level for certain messages from linkd (Issue NMS-5087)

  • Convert OPENNMS-MIB to SMIv2 (Issue NMS-5099)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.93


  • HttpMonitor marks service down when response-text matches first line of server response (Issue NMS-2702)

  • linkd not working (Issue NMS-4005)

  • events written to DB although dest=suppress (Issue NMS-4006)

  • linkd ignores <specific> in <iproutes> section of config file (Issue NMS-4326)

  • JDBCCollector Appears to Be Broken - stores last value only (Issue NMS-4512)

  • Outages crossing report time boundary counted fully in SNMP Interface Availability Report (Issue NMS-4699)

  • Interface MAC addresses don't display (and are missing from the DB) on some SNMP-capable nodes (Issue NMS-4902)

  • Configuring SNMP broken for biggish IPv4 ranges (Issue NMS-4972)

  • Bubble-up submap status (not severity) (Issue NMS-4976)

  • rrd.usetcp crashing on startup (Issue NMS-4989)

  • DHCP plugins changed (Java) package, old configs are no longer compatible (Issue NMS-5011)

  • ClassCastException when using complex threshold expressions. (Issue NMS-5014)

  • OnmsAlarm class incorrectly references the alarm_attributes table as alarm_details (Issue NMS-5027)

  • NPE in linkd with two Linux nodes (Issue NMS-5030)

  • interfaceOperDown events are sent every time a node with down interfaces is rescanned. (Issue NMS-5040)


  • Event definition for Juniper Chassis Cluster SNMP trap (Issue NMS-4986)

  • Events definition for Juniper access authentication related SNMP traps (Issue NMS-4987)

  • Separate out RADIUS implementation (Issue NMS-4992)

  • Split Syslogd configuration across multiple files, add useful definitions and matching events (Issue NMS-5024)

  • Missing OID in linkd's config for VLAN classes (Issue NMS-5031)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.92


  • Selected more than 56 things in an add hoc resource graph returns no data (Issue NMS-2205)

  • Statsd Database Deadlock (Issue NMS-2390)

  • normalize radius code (Issue NMS-2812)

  • Deleted node appear in KSC report creation (Issue NMS-2977)

  • Provisioning issues with Primary Interface (Issue NMS-3324)

  • Unable provisioned node when SNMP Agent is down (Issue NMS-3470)

  • provisiond does not create nodelabelchanged event (Issue NMS-3594)

  • webUI shows 100% availability although service is not monitored (Issue NMS-3887)

  • WebUI shows "rescan to suspend" for "forced unmanaged" services (Issue NMS-3906)

  • Thresholding - Absolutechange stored as floating-point value (Issue NMS-4028)

  • Poll failure reasons pooched in 1.9.1 Snapshot again (Issue NMS-4073)

  • XMPP Failure on empty XMPP addresses (Issue NMS-4123)

  • No nodeid found for next hop ip/ (Issue NMS-4185)

  • Sending notifications causes exception in javamailer if user is missing smtp adress (Issue NMS-4367)

  • When an IP is configured on an interface, the interface name is no longer visible in Node Link Detailed Info (Issue NMS-4412)

  • Provisiond NodeCategorySettingPolicy. Nodes lose categorization in subsequent Synchronizations (Issue NMS-4423)

  • 404 NOT_FOUND after generating a system report using FTP (Issue NMS-4674)

  • Provisiond allows duplicate nodes (Issue NMS-4695)

  • Service monitored with 100% availability instead of Not Monitored (Issue NMS-4704)

  • Requisition REST Service allows duplicate nodes (Issue NMS-4749)

  • WMI datacollection stops after changes in Schedules Outages (Issue NMS-4830)

  • Remote Poller state changes from Paused to Running (Issue NMS-4834)

  • InterfaceFilter does not normalize IP addresses (Issue NMS-4881)

  • HttpCollector ignores "port" parameter from Collectd config (Issue NMS-4886)

  • base-url not used when viewing resource graphs (Issue NMS-4903)

  • Provisiond NodeScan aborted scanning IP address tables (Issue NMS-4904)

  • wrong implementation of org.opennms.netmgt.correlation.Correlator$EngineAdapter.getName() ? (Issue NMS-4914)

  • Resource Graphs selector - doesn't indicate stale graph data (Issue NMS-4918)

  • Resource Graphs selector - "Show more" to infinity and beyond! and other quirks (Issue NMS-4919)

  • KSC Reports search box on home page is case sensitive (Issue NMS-4922)

  • Tests against wrong variable. (Issue NMS-4928)

  • Availability Miscalculated in NodeAvailabilityReport.jrxml (and others) (Issue NMS-4931)

  • KSC Reports fails due to Missing Parameter: report (Issue NMS-4934)

  • The Snmp Poller does not follow the maxVarBindPerPDU statement (Issue NMS-4935)

  • Hung threads causing 100% CPU usage (possibly Jetty + HTTPS/SSL related) (Issue NMS-4940)

  • All SNMP Interfaces marked as "no collect" by default on any provisioned node (Issue NMS-4965)

  • ReinitializePrimarySNMPInterface event causes SNMP interfaces manually marked as "Collect" to revert to "No collect" (Issue NMS-4967)

  • Exception with ldapAuthoritiesPopulator with LDAP and / or Radius integration (Issue NMS-4975)

  • Notifications Fail with IPv6 Addresses (Issue NMS-4977)


  • DELL DRAC/CMC power stats collection and graphs (Issue NMS-3299)

  • Default support AKCP SecurityProbe x20 (Issue NMS-4156)

  • New Cisco OIDs for linkd (Issue NMS-4670)

  • Report on Windows Servers disk usage (Issue NMS-4948)

  • Asset-page categorie fields validation. (Issue NMS-4963)

  • HostResourceSwRunMonitor: define the service-name parameter as a regular expression (Issue NMS-4978)


  • Make sure we add -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError to default runtime arguments (Issue NMS-4953)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.91


  • HTTP monitor nits (Issue NMS-1802)

  • When running the database checker rethrow any exceptions with details (e.g.: database URL) (Issue NMS-2374)

  • Make the severity element in event configuration an enumeration and fix our default config files (Issue NMS-2375)

  • Node when deleted remains in performance report list (Issue NMS-2893)

  • GUI error if we remove Switches from Surveillance (Issue NMS-3143)

  • Reporting is truncated by URL length limitation (Issue NMS-3194)

  • Broken paged grid in Select SNMP Interfaces (Issue NMS-3515)

  • WMI/WQL Poller - Wrong text in event (Issue NMS-3606)

  • Create detectors for all protocol plugins (Issue NMS-3651)

  • reload of Threshold configuration does not work - only after restart OpenNMS new threshold are applied (Issue NMS-3905)

  • Alarm Description in Dashboard not formatted (Issue NMS-3912)

  • SNMPPoller is the cause of loss of snmpinterfaces during the re-import / synchronization Provision Groups. (Issue NMS-4040)

  • Can't provision a node with one IP address and a policy to avoid all IP address (Issue NMS-4049)

  • spring/beanfactory issue Java 1.7.0 - pointcut issues (Issue NMS-4350)

  • Provisiond fails with a Unable to return specified BeanFactory instance exception at startup (Issue NMS-4475)

  • [patch] Show correct values in net-snmp CPU Usage graph (Issue NMS-4502)

  • Remote Poller implodes with lack of WMI classes (Issue NMS-4526)

  • Provisiond HOST-RESOURCES process detector (Issue NMS-4544)

  • Report Issue - Surveillance Category Not Correctly Chosen (Issue NMS-4593)

  • Resource Graph Resources - limited to 55 Resources or less (Issue NMS-4675)

  • Various linkd issues (Issue NMS-4684)

  • LDAP authorization fails - group to role mapping does not work (Issue NMS-4725)

  • Events generated from trapd are not associated with any node (Issue NMS-4799)

  • Node.jsp - double clicking physical interfaces goes to interface.jsp instead of snmpinterface.jsp (Issue NMS-4800)

  • Null (\0) characters in logmsg field of events causes org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0x00 (Issue NMS-4817)

  • RrdUtils.createRRD log message is unclear (Issue NMS-4845)

  • Notification not being sent event if status="on", looks like notifd is not using the status in the config file properly (Issue NMS-4851)

  • unit tests on windows creates directories outside of temp directory (Issue NMS-4853)

  • StorageStrategy documentation does not match API in code (Issue NMS-4857)

  • Runaway threads consuming CPU when rendering certain graphs (Issue NMS-4861)

  • With Jetty + HTTPS, certain Web UI actions prompt browser to "Save As" JSP and HTML files (Issue NMS-4871)

  • Show all nodes with asset info not working (Issue NMS-4872)

  • Upgrade bug when Linkd tables contain data (Issue NMS-4873)

  • Typo in datacollection-config.xml (Issue NMS-4877)

  • java.lang.ClassCastException when building an event notification with a category filter (Issue NMS-4880)

  • IP address formatting does not match (Issue NMS-4882)

  • 1.9.90 newer graphics display inconsistency - node.jsp (Issue NMS-4895)

  • notifd DEBUG message "supress" mispelling (Issue NMS-4899)

  • Change StorageStrategy to throw an IllegalArgumentException when the arguments (or parameters) are not properly configured on datacollection-config.xml (Issue NMS-4913)


  • Allow HttpCollector and PageSequenceMonitor to accept all SSL certificates (Issue NMS-3622)

  • Configure scheduling outages via RESTful Web Service (Issue NMS-4232)

  • Make Jetty headerBufferSize property configurable (Issue NMS-4815)

  • notifd.log - Info if message was send (Issue NMS-4831)

  • Poorly used INFO log message (Issue NMS-4833)

  • jmx collector does direct db lookup of nodeid (Issue NMS-4838)

  • Check if a node is currently covered by a scheduled outage using Rest (Issue NMS-4839)

  • Add PostgreSQL 9.1 support (Issue NMS-4923)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.90


  • threshd,log shows wrong nodeId in certain circumstances (Issue NMS-1121)

  • columnName argument to AssetModel.searchAssets allows SQL injection (Issue NMS-1769)

  • Trapd is not able to process SNMPv3 traps (Issue NMS-2995)

  • XMPPNotificationStrategy (or JavaMailNotificationStrategy) does not utilise the "Numeric Message" field -nm (Issue NMS-3322)

  • reportd missing ability to select mailer from javamail-configuration.xml (Issue NMS-3771)

  • Interface Deleted with SNMP supported and no ipAddrTable (Issue NMS-3982)

  • SNAPSHOT installer scripts are faulty (Issue NMS-4034)

  • translated events are displayed like the original event (Issue NMS-4038)

  • provisioning node with NodeCategorySettingPolicy policy in foreign source does not work if node has no SNMP available (Issue NMS-4039)

  • Win32ServiceDetector fails to detect services (Issue NMS-4047)

  • We need a WmiDetector (Issue NMS-4106)

  • Support relativetime in graph URL (Issue NMS-4114)

  • Thresholdvalue in scientific notation not displayed/stored correctly (Issue NMS-4126)

  • threshd process wrong counter-type SNMP data after SNMP data collection failed or restored (Issue NMS-4244)

  • In-line thresholder ignores scheduled outages (Issue NMS-4261)

  • Update Copyright Notice to include 2011 (Issue NMS-4339)

  • jetty allows directory listings (Issue NMS-4375)

  • Problems adding nodes during discovery (Issue NMS-4376)

  • Provisiond NodeCategorySettingPolicy. Nodes lose categorization in subsequent Synchronizations (Issue NMS-4423)

  • SnmpAsset Adapter has dependency on Trapd (Issue NMS-4463)

  • Services drop down list not alphabatized (Issue NMS-4483)

  • SiblingIndexStorageStrategy does SNMP Queries and makes collection VERY slow (Issue NMS-4494)

  • Collectd's ServiceCollector class was erroneously changed to take Map<String, String> (Issue NMS-4500)

  • IPAddress class overrides equals but not hashCode (Issue NMS-4530)

  • Provisiond silently fails to import an invalid model importer file but reports importSuccessful anyway. (Issue NMS-4546)

  • [patch] hardware asset fields need more space and one more field (Issue NMS-4585)

  • Node label changes ourside requisition editor on nodes with a foreign-source ID (Issue NMS-4590)

  • Brocade resource-type and fcTable collection could be nicer (Issue NMS-4661)

  • Default JDBC data collection config does not work (Issue NMS-4662)

  • Capsd may reparent duplicate interfaces from requisitioned nodes (Issue NMS-4663)

  • c-ping fails to configure (Issue NMS-4677)

  • Permissions on multiple files/directories are poor (allow world-write, have setuid) (Issue NMS-4682)

  • OpenNMS GoogleMaps geo-enocder no longer functioning and creates a 503 error in UI (Issue NMS-4691)

  • Email Notifications are not properly encoded when the message contains non us-ascii characters. (Issue NMS-4692)

  • Provisiond allows duplicate nodes (Issue NMS-4695)

  • Path not filtered correctly during build, etc/ (Issue NMS-4697)

  • Surveilance part of WEB GUI crashes after all default categories were removed and custom ones were created (Issue NMS-4698)

  • snmpStorageFlag="all" is being ignored by the threshold procesing (Issue NMS-4700)

  • Unable to add IPv6 address for discovery via web UI (Issue NMS-4701)

  • Data Collection Broken for some nodes in testing (Issue NMS-4703)

  • race condition in Provisiond IPv6 scanning (Issue NMS-4717)

  • When using the GoogleMaps remote poller interface, unchecked markers are visible on initialization (Issue NMS-4734)

  • Event Analysis report is missing in default configuration (Issue NMS-4753)

  • nodeList page fails to pass the foreignSource when "show interfaces" is selected (Issue NMS-4777)

  • DNS provisioning expression matching matches hostname but not record data (Issue NMS-4783)

  • DNS provisioning needs to allow foreign ID to be a hash of IP address instead of nodeLabel if administrator so chooses (Issue NMS-4801)

  • Word spelled wrong on log message (Issue NMS-4804)

  • SELECT tag not closed in asset/modify.jsp (Issue NMS-4819)

  • Reportd JavaMailDeliveryService always copies address in sendmail-message "to" attribute or root@localhost (Issue NMS-4820)

  • Trapd node-matching should prefer SNMP primary ifaces (Issue NMS-4822)

  • AttributeGroup and SiblingColumnStorageStrategy are producing a StackOverflowError (Issue NMS-4832)

  • Provisiond leaks file handles, eventually causing "Too many open files" crashes (Issue NMS-4846)

  • MSExchangeDetectorClient is too verbose on exceptions (Issue NMS-4856)


  • Add IPv6 Support to OpenNMS (Issue NMS-1094)

  • Enhancement - Assets with clean date input (Issue NMS-2834)

  • Implement PersistenceSelectorStrategy framework (Issue NMS-3164)

  • allow trapd to bind to specific address (Issue NMS-3956)

  • Enhance default JVM Monitoring configurations (Issue NMS-4363)

  • Create a poller monitor to "proxy" pings via the CISCO-PING-MIB (Issue NMS-4668)

  • Add alarm-data annotation for Powerware upsDischarged trap event (Issue NMS-4679)

  • Better provisiond debugging (Issue NMS-4694)

  • Add time it takes to persist the data to the ILR (Issue NMS-4705)

  • Enable support for filtering the displayed data (Issue NMS-4706)

  • Add ability for HttpMonitor to use node label as virtual host for HTTP polls (Issue NMS-4707)

  • MicroBlog doesn't support -nm (Issue NMS-4708)

  • Add the possibility to modify eventparms (as text) from Vacuumd (Issue NMS-4712)

  • DbHelper class should use dao's (Issue NMS-4721)

  • Add new opennms mib events definition (Issue NMS-4722)

  • Sort by Stat (Issue NMS-4728)

  • Add Label to thresholds for display on "Edit Group" page (Issue NMS-4742)

  • Event Analysis Report should be usable on postgres older than 8.4 (Issue NMS-4752)

  • Add support for matching syslog messages by process name, severity, facility in ueiMatch (Issue NMS-4772)

  • Alphabetize group names in the Users/Groups list (Issue NMS-4776)

  • Split syslogd-configuration.xml (Issue NMS-4779)

  • Standardize the time zone format reports (Issue NMS-4785)

  • collectd log entries could be enhanced (Issue NMS-4809)

  • Add a BSF (bean scripting framework) notification strategy (Issue NMS-4837)

  • Convert Linkd to use Hibernate (Issue NMS-4850)

  • Add command option to NRPE in provisiond (Issue NMS-4862)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.8


  • deleted interfaces are included in polling package ip lists (Issue NMS-1158)

  • nsclient-datacollection-config.xml only collects on 1st attribute in wpm group (Issue NMS-2692)

  • DemoUI - Leaving the search field blank causes an "Unexpected Error" (Issue NMS-3500)

  • Cpu Usage graph missing when using rrdtool (Issue NMS-3703)

  • Unexpected error (Issue NMS-3902)

  • still uses the old lib/scripts/* style initialization (Issue NMS-3933)

  • outage editor problems (Issue NMS-4093)

  • prevent automatic start after installation / upgrade (Issue NMS-4110)

  • null pointer exception from Admin ? Instrumentation Log Reader jsp page (Issue NMS-4118)

  • 'some' matchType for WMI Poller matches 2 or more, not 1 or more as docuemented (Issue NMS-4172)

  • Failed to load the required jicmp library (Issue NMS-4211)

  • No services are registered in the database (Issue NMS-4230)

  • Patch for "CPU Usage graph missing when using rrdtool" (Issue NMS-4346)

  • HTTP Collector throwing exception "Host must be set to create a host URL" (Issue NMS-4445)

  • Reports throughin Exception when doing traffic based reports and store-by-group (Issue NMS-4454)

  • System Report: only "full" is working (Issue NMS-4465)

  • UI exception when deleting a service from an interface (Issue NMS-4472)

  • RRD-based JasperReports fail with JRobin exception (Issue NMS-4482)

  • Mail Transport Monitor deletes all mail (Issue NMS-4537)

  • Quoting problems in contrib/ (Issue NMS-4553)

  • Page Sequence Monitor (PSM) doesn't appear to do retries (Issue NMS-4558)

  • org.opennms.netmgt.snmp.TableTracker writes to stderr. (Issue NMS-4559)

  • Report Issue - Average and Peak Traffic rates for Nodes by Interface (Issue NMS-4565)

  • Filter rules tend to get all IP addresses, even if they are deleted (Issue NMS-4583)

  • Remove ModelImporter stuff from (Issue NMS-4587)

  • service search constraints show up as "null" when used to filter the event list page (Issue NMS-4591)

  • Report Issue - Surveillance Category Not Correctly Chosen (Issue NMS-4593)

  • eventd cannot parse events which are missing an XML namespace (Issue NMS-4595)

  • errors on IPv6 addresses (Issue NMS-4596)

  • Primary keys are not set to not null (Issue NMS-4597)

  • Role provision has no effect (Issue NMS-4598)

  • MailTransportMonitor POP3 javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException, but without connection to host at all (Issue NMS-4605)

  • Changing the default password in 1.9.7 (Issue NMS-4608)

  • Node Rescan -> node.jsp not found (Issue NMS-4610)

  • Problem accessing /opennms/KSC/KSC/customGraphEditDetails.htm. Reason: Not Found - 404 (Issue NMS-4614)

  • Report Issue - Total Bytes Transferred by Interface (Issue NMS-4616)

  • Refactor ICMP Implementations and make sure that main works for JNA (Issue NMS-4617)

  • refactor XSDs to not rely on common XSDs (types.xsd) (Issue NMS-4634)

  • Don't print out the database administrator password during install. (Issue NMS-4638)

  • KSC reports "add graph" fails with a 404 (Issue NMS-4643)

  • Unable to start OpenNMS "An error occurred while attempting to start the "OpenNMS:Name=Eventd" service" (Issue NMS-4644)

  • Deleted nodes are showing up in available nodes when creating/editing a surveillance category (Issue NMS-4652)

  • Inconsistent use of org.opennms.web.api.Util.calculateUrlBase( request ) (Issue NMS-4660)

  • JNA library fails to work for IPv6 on Solaris (Issue NMS-4664)

  • Thresholds being evaluated on interfaces marked DISABLE_COLLECTION (Issue NMS-4669)


  • FilterDao calls need to return InetAddresses (Issue NMS-4509)

  • EventBuilder setInterface needs to take an InetAddress rather than a String (Issue NMS-4510)

  • Alphabetize the User List in the GUI (Issue NMS-4561)

  • make ICMP implementation configurable (Issue NMS-4603)

  • Add script execution, response times, logging, more to BSFMonitor (Issue NMS-4604)

  • add a No SNMP checkbox to the Node Quick-Add web page (Issue NMS-4615)

  • Maven settings.xml CR & LF format (Issue NMS-4626)

  • Convert snmp-config.xml code to use JAXB instead of Castor (Issue NMS-4636)

  • Add MSCHAPv1 and MSCHAPv2 support to RADIUS clients (Issue NMS-4659)

New Feature

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.7


  • NullPointerExceptions in node IP route information (Issue NMS-2482)

  • [syslogd] OpenNMS's syslogd implementation does not handle all syslog facilities (Issue NMS-2640)

  • correlator service unable to start : java.lang.NoSuchMethodError org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.CompilationResult.getProblems() (Issue NMS-2847)

  • statistics report pdf creation does not work (Issue NMS-3855)

  • Provisiond Deleting IpAddr On Nodes After Rescan (Issue NMS-3997)

  • Provisiond - simple TCP detector fails to detect services (Issue NMS-4033)

  • provisioning node with NodeCategorySettingPolicy policy in foreign source does not work if node has no SNMP available (Issue NMS-4039)

  • stored report data in non-unique named files (Issue NMS-4058)

  • Need to be able to acknowledge notifications through the ReST service (Issue NMS-4069)

  • timestamp is not parsed correctly (Issue NMS-4148)

  • Rescans Not Happening for Default Nodes (Issue NMS-4168)

  • Memcached graph definitions left out of default configuration (Issue NMS-4208)

  • Exception when Provisioning an ipv6 address on a node with SNMP Enabled (Issue NMS-4251)

  • Null pointer exception when listing outstanding notifications (Issue NMS-4352)

  • Documentation can't be build off-line (Issue NMS-4416)

  • interface.jsp gives NPE (Issue NMS-4469)

  • PageSequenceMonitor double-URL-encodes query parameters (Issue NMS-4484)

  • Poller not responding to nodeGainedService events when event interface is an ipv6 address (Issue NMS-4488)

  • jdbc-datacollection-config.xml has hard coded path for rrdRepository (Issue NMS-4491)

  • Don't require all code to pass the PRESERVE_WHITESPACE constant to CastorUtils (Issue NMS-4495)

  • NSClient data collection only reads the first <nsclient-collection> tag (Issue NMS-4499)

  • Someone left two q's in the file ./WEB-INF/jsp/graph/chooseresource.jsp (Issue NMS-4527)

  • XSD definitions don't need to be anchored (Issue NMS-4547)

  • IP validation in web UI doesn't handle IPv6 (Issue NMS-4555)

  • Report Issue - Average and Peak Traffic rates for Nodes by Interface (Issue NMS-4565)

  • Physical Interface Page Doesn't load on IE (Issue NMS-4575)

  • Debian init script not LSB compatible (Issue NMS-4578)

  • The attribute "totalCount" for OnmsNodeList is not well calculated (Issue NMS-4580)


  • Debian Startup Script hides important Debian Specific Error Output (Issue NMS-3411)

  • Remove c3p0 dependencies from installer code so we can change the DB connection pooling implementation (Issue NMS-4388)

  • Increase servicename in table service in the core schema to accomodate services with names longer than 32 characters (Issue NMS-4477)

  • All Event creation should use the EventBuilder (Issue NMS-4489)

  • Get rid of PostgreSQL-specific calls in installation/upgrade tools. (Upgrade to Liquibase 2.0) (Issue NMS-4496)

  • OnmsMonitoredService getIpAddress returns a String rather than an InetAddress (Issue NMS-4507)

  • OnmsOutage does not following the same getIpInterface pattern as OnmsIpInterface (Issue NMS-4508)

  • Convert Event XML to JAXB (Issue NMS-4535)

  • New events for traps from Sun/Oracle ILOM cards (Issue NMS-4541)

  • Trap events for Comtech EF Data CDM-625 satellite modems (Issue NMS-4554)

  • provisiond needs to be able to scan the new ipAddress table, in addition to the (deprecated) ipAddr table, and handle IPv6 addresses (Issue NMS-4577)

  • [patch] add new asset fields for hardware configuration data (Issue NMS-4579)

New Feature

  • OpenNMS needs a way to do in-depth configuration testing without starting the daemon (Issue NMS-4336)

  • create a tool for migrating RRDs (Issue NMS-4450)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.6


  • Stop distributing the non-Jetty webapp as part of the base distribution (Issue NMS-2572)

  • error in comment (Issue NMS-3068)

  • Split example poller package into components (Issue NMS-4053)

  • database reports ui enhancement request (Issue NMS-4057)

  • null pointer exception from Admin ? Instrumentation Log Reader jsp page (Issue NMS-4118)

  • Javascript error in IE7 on 1.8.7 (Issue NMS-4368)

  • Configure SNMP Data Collection per Interface generates org.postgresql.util.PSQLException (Issue NMS-4391)

  • Unable to see Telnet/HTTP/OpenManage links in node.jsp (Issue NMS-4398)

  • KSC reports editor broken in IE7 (Issue NMS-4406)

  • OpenNMS not installing on RHEL6 x86_64 (Issue NMS-4409)

  • Node Availability report query incorrect (Issue NMS-4410)

  • opennms-webapp is built and contains all of the jars though they are not needed (Issue NMS-4411)

  • Java Exception opening Node Page -> Admin -> Configure SNMP Data Collection per Interface (Issue NMS-4413)

  • REST calls for iPhone and iPad App broken (Issue NMS-4414)

  • Deleting Foreign Source policy throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodException (Issue NMS-4415)

  • Interface Availability report query incorrect (Issue NMS-4417)

  • Need to update PostgreSQL JDBC JAR to 9.0 (Issue NMS-4420)

  • Only role.admin users are able to use the iphone app (Issue NMS-4425)

  • Acknowledging alarms results in an error (Issue NMS-4426)

  • Increase default max file descriptors setting (Issue NMS-4428)

  • script gives unclear instructions (Issue NMS-4429)

  • null pointer exception when attempting to enable snmp collection. (Issue NMS-4432)

  • WebUI Broken When Deleting Parameters in Foreign Sources (Issue NMS-4438)


  • OpenNMS 1.9.x needs to depend on PostgreSQL (>= 8.1) and IPLIKE (>= 2.0.0) (Issue NMS-4389)

  • installer should make sure IPLIKE has IPv6 support (Issue NMS-4408)

  • upgrade to JRobin 1.5.10 (Issue NMS-4431)

    Note: JRobin 1.5.10 includes a new backend that can improve performance dramatically. For safety's sake, it is disabled by default, but users are encouraged on test systems to enable the new "MNIO" backend in and report any issues, if found.


  • Change event-label name "OpeNMS" for restartPollingInterface event in eventconf.xml (Issue NMS-4421)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.5


  • Installer still has RCS-style $Id$ tag in banner (Issue NMS-3922)

  • OpenNMS unable to connect to opennms database with opennms username (Issue NMS-4392)

  • Clicking the Delete Icon next to a entity (node, interface, service) defined in the Edit provisioning group page causes exception (Issue NMS-4394)

  • yum update from 1.8.7 to 1.8.8 is breaking opennms (Issue NMS-4396)

  • rancid provisioning adapter jar still included in opennms-core RPM (Issue NMS-4397)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.4


  • icmp and http thresholds not working properly (Issue NMS-1657)

  • Liquibase: ERROR: there is no unique constraint matching given keys for referenced table "datalinkinterface" (Issue NMS-3465)

  • webapps won't deploy with Tomcat in 1.7.7 and 1.7.8-SNAPSHOT (Issue NMS-3469)

  • Can't proceed in Reports Database Run (Issue NMS-3717)

  • Invoking rest method with orderBy triggers sql error (Issue NMS-3756)

  • Case sensitive inconsistency between capsd and poller for HostResourceSwRunMonitor (Issue NMS-3882)

  • provision group does not validate ip-addr field on input (Issue NMS-4084)

  • JRFontNotFoundException for Early-Morning-Report (Issue NMS-4102)

  • On IE8/Win7 the date in the page banner is shown twice (Issue NMS-4146)

  • "View Node Link Detailed Info" problem (Issue NMS-4243)

  • Provisioning problem due to ipv6 address formatting (Issue NMS-4252)

  • Date offsets incorrectly applied when batch reports (Issue NMS-4253)

  • Upgrade from jetty 6.1.24 to 6.1.26 breaks AJP13-connections from apache 2.2.x (Issue NMS-4275)

  • OpenJDK fails privatevoidcheckJvmName() check (Issue NMS-4277)

  • Missing fonts when running newly commited reporting stuff in 1.8.7 (Issue NMS-4286)

  • NPE when trying to generate reports from JRB datasources (Issue NMS-4287)

  • Build failure - NtpDetector tests fail (Issue NMS-4292)

  • Remove option C from SNMP Primary pick-list in provisioning groups editor (Issue NMS-4293)

  • Node-Availability-Report failing - possibly due to a parameter that should be marked notForPrompting (Issue NMS-4294)

  • JRobin VDEFs sometimes do not work (Issue NMS-4295)

  • Provisiond discovers services on capsd provisioned nodes (Issue NMS-4297)

  • Default categories for CIORPRTS (Issue NMS-4299)

  • linkd UndeclaredThrowableException (Issue NMS-4303)

  • "View Node Ip Route Info" link causes exception (Issue NMS-4305)

  • Topo map error popup: Load Label Map failed (Issue NMS-4306)

  • Provisioning Groups UI throws exception when trying to sync unmodified group (Issue NMS-4308)

  • duplicate jars in packages (Issue NMS-4310)

  • Asset adapter does not store Hex-STRINGs (Issue NMS-4312)

  • Dashboard loading image tag missing (Issue NMS-4314)

  • Serial Interface Utilization Report (Issue NMS-4315)

  • [Build] Some changes needed to get a clean build in Eclipse (Issue NMS-4320)

  • PSQLException - Configure SNMP Data Collection per Interface (Issue NMS-4321)

  • Fonts Very Large on KSC Reports and Admin Surveillance Categories (Issue NMS-4322)

  • Interface Page Broken in 1.8 Testing (Issue NMS-4323)

  • Opennms cannot start up without Internet access (Issue NMS-4341)

  • Typo in (Issue NMS-4347)

  • Make / actually exit with maven exit code (Issue NMS-4349)

  • generic values wrong for certain OIDs in (Issue NMS-4351)

  • Package building fails on Ubuntu due to default shell usage (Issue NMS-4357)

  • Exception raised when trying to view ip route info (Issue NMS-4362)

  • Change the logmsg and description fields for events and alarms to text object. (Issue NMS-4369)

  • OpenNMS will not start if unable to connect to the database as "postgres" (admin) user (Issue NMS-4378)

  • Provisioner always punts on deleteService events when discovery not enabled (Issue NMS-4379)

  • Make sure tests pass on bamboo (Issue NMS-4384)


  • Upgrade JasperReports 3.6.0 to 3.7.4 (Issue NMS-4103)

  • Sort saved database Reports and display more than 10 of them (Issue NMS-4201)

  • dispatcher-servlet.xml should be listed as a 'config' file for debian package install (Issue NMS-4296)

  • reportd-configuration.xml, update quartz URL (Issue NMS-4318)

  • include script output in event reason text for GpPoller notifications (Issue NMS-4325)

  • Customize Subject on Emailed Batch Reports (Issue NMS-4331)

  • Catch NullPointer Exception when running BSFScripts (Issue NMS-4332)

  • Make Node available to the Beanshell (Issue NMS-4358)

  • Add a build script to clean everything (top-level and full assembly) (Issue NMS-4386)

New Feature

  • make it easier to open support tickets from the web UI (Issue NMS-4307)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.3


  • Web users can bypass ACLs by editing params of element/node.jsp URLs (Issue NMS-3184)

  • Going to edit KSC reports generates an uncaught exception (Issue NMS-3414)

  • Yet another uncaught exception, KSC reports (Issue NMS-3455)

  • Home / Admin / Provisioning Groups page generating bad HTML when a provisioning group has an apostrophe in the name (Issue NMS-3601)

  • provisiond logging to output.log (Issue NMS-4023)

  • DNS outage identified on interface X with reason code: IOException while polling address (Issue NMS-4071)

  • Bug in netapp.fsfile report (Issue NMS-4171)

  • deprecated -c installer option does not produce a warning or error (Issue NMS-4174)

  • Net-SNMP agent 5.5 always misreports sysObjectID as ".1.3" or ".0.1" (Issue NMS-4192)

  • Notifications fail when Notification name is longer than 63 chars (Issue NMS-4194)

  • NPE in "View Node Link Detailed Info" (Issue NMS-4215)

  • deleting old notifications is slow (Issue NMS-4217)

  • SNMP fails while accessing a Dell/Avocent 2161DS KVM Device (Issue NMS-4219)

  • 1.8.5 Solaris package fails to install (Issue NMS-4227)

  • ThresholdingVisitor: create: Can't create ThresholdingVisitor for <IP ADDRESS> (Issue NMS-4233)

  • JMX datacollection aliases longer than 19 characters (Issue NMS-4236)

  • Two BGP-related SNMP graphs use daily RRAs (Issue NMS-4245)

  • Acknowledgement Service bails when an ack is sent for an invalid ID (Issue NMS-4248)

  • TableTracker failing in some instances (Issue NMS-4250)

  • In-line thresholding should ignore Aliased Resources if they are not enabled (Issue NMS-4255)

  • Fix lower limit in Net-SNMP CPU graphs (Issue NMS-4257)

  • Make SNMPv2c the default in web SNMP config dialog (Issue NMS-4263)

  • build blacklists JDKs other than version 1.5 or 1.6 (Issue NMS-4270)


  • SNMP Asset Provisioning Adapter: suppress output like No such instance (Issue NMS-4173)

  • Add a few more Cisco Catalyst sysObjectIDs to default Linkd config (Issue NMS-4191)

  • Add events for Compuware ServerVantage traps (Issue NMS-4195)

  • Reportd should create events run or delivery failure (Issue NMS-4213)

  • fix locking in configuration file access (Issue NMS-4234)

  • make build system Maven3-compatible (Issue NMS-4235)

  • Add new options for domain/ifalias resource collection (Issue NMS-4239)

  • Improve Liebert power-related SNMP data collection and resource graph definitions (Issue NMS-4241)

  • Create performance resource graphs for MS HTTP stats (Issue NMS-4242)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.2

Version 1.9.2 is identical to 1.9.1, except it contains the changes present in OpenNMS 1.8.5.

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.1

New Features and Enhancements

  • Some of the groundwork for IPv6 support has been started.

  • Syslogd has been refactored and has a number of new features and parsing options. (Bug #4112)

  • You can now specify whether to be strict or loose when verifying HTTPS connections in the PageSequenceMonitor. (Bug #4113)

Changes in OpenNMS 1.9.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • You can now have syslogd bind to a specific IP address. (Bug #3192)

  • Threshold expressions have been enhanced and now use JEXL instead of JEP. (Bug #3413)

  • Data collection configuration has now been split out into multiple include files, like events. (Bug #4031)

Chapter 3. Supported Systems

Supported UNIX-like OSes

OpenNMS is written almost entirely in Java, and should be able to run on any system that supports the Sun Java Virtual Machine -- OpenNMS 1.3.x and higher requires Java 5 or higher. There are requirements for other programs such as PostgreSQL and Perl, but the JDK is the key requirement as most of the other packages can be compiled from source.

The following are the systems that support or are known to run OpenNMS.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista are supported as of 1.3.8.

Fully Supported

The following systems are supported out-of-the-box with native installation packages:

  • RPM-based Distributions (Using Yum). 

    • Red hat Enterprise Linux 3 and higher

    • CentOS 3 and higher

    • Fedora Core 4 and higher (including 64-bit)

    • SuSE Linux 9 and 10 (Using the Yum repository through YAST)

  • Other RPM-based Distributions. 

    • Mandriva Linux 2007 and higher (Using URPMI)

  • Debian and Ubuntu Linux. Debian packages for Etch and later are available at the following apt repository:

    deb unstable main

    These same packages should work equally well with Ubuntu releases 6.10 (Edgy Eft) and higher.

  • Solaris 10 (X86 and SPARC)

  • MacOSX 10.4 and Higher. On MacOSX, the Fink distribution packages of OpenNMS are supported. See the Fink web site for more information on installing and using Fink.Also note that on MacOSX, PostgreSQL must be configured in the same manner as above for Linux. However, to do so you will need to update the SHM settings so that the OS allows enough resources for PostgreSQL to run with larger buffers.There are details for configuring the shared memory segments on the Fink wiki.

  • Windows Server and Desktop (Windows 2000+).  Note that while it is technically possible to install on FAT32, NTFS is the only officially supported filesystem for Windows installs. Additionally, while Windows is supported, OpenNMS is much more heavily tested (and easier to maintain) on UNIX, and it is recommended that unless you have a specific reason to go with Windows, that you use one of the supported UNIX-based operating systems.


OpenNMS 1.3.7 and up require Java 5 (a 1.5 JDK) and PostgreSQL 7.4 or higher. In addition, for native RRD support (as opposed to the builtin Java-based JRobin round-robin database), RRDTool 1.2 is required.

Any operating system that can support these dependencies should be able to run OpenNMS. However, since many older distributions do not support packages for these applications it will be much harder to get them installed, and so they are not officially supported.

A number of distributions that used to be supported are still able to run OpenNMS but are not officially supported:

  • Gentoo. Gentoo ebuilds are available but are not officially supported, as we depend on Gentoo packager volunteers from the at-large user community to keep them up-to-date. Information is available on the wiki.

  • Red Hat Linux. While Red hat Linux 7, 8, and 9 (and potentially even others might still work, they have long gone untested and are not recommended for production use.

  • SuSE 8 and earlier

  • Solaris 9 and earlier