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OpenNMS Javascript API CircleCI

A client API for accessing the OpenNMS network monitoring platform.

Getting Started

import {API, Model, Rest, DAO, Client} from 'dist/opennms.min.js';

const opennms = new Client();
opennms.connect('Demo', 'https://demo.opennms.org/opennms', 'demo', 'demo').then((server) => {
  // we have a valid connection with an OnmsServer object, do something with it

API Documentation

The API documentation is currently available at docs.opennms.org.


The CHANGELOG will be updated as releases occur, and should always be accessible here.


To build this project, first install yarn:

npm install -g yarn

Then run yarn to fetch all dependencies:


Then you can run yarn to build or test the project:

  • yarn dev - build a development version of the API in dist/opennms.js
  • yarn build - build a production version of the API in dist/opennms.min.js
  • yarn watch - continuously build the development version in dist/opennms.js
  • yarn test - run the tests
  • yarn watch-test - continuously run the tests
  • yarn cli -- <arguments> - run the CLI test tool (try --help for options)

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